What we can provide

Services Overview

  • Pre-Race Consultation

    Prior to every event we schedule a meeting with each client to go over the needs for the specific event and how we can best meet them. With our experience, we often bring much more to the table than expected. We go over all details of the race including registration, packet pick-up, awards, pre and post participant emails, etc., all of which is fully customizable.
  • Registration

    We offer a great online and onsite registration program that is fully customizable in branding and user experience. Onsite registration couldn’t be any easier with our computer kiosks where participants simply walk up and enter their information, swipe their credit card and receive their bib.
  • Equipment

    We show up onsite with all equipment needed to produce the athlete experience that has been described. This includes computer kiosks, internet hotspots, timing hardware, etc.
  • Realtime Resuts

    We utilize GPRS connectivity to post results live from all points on course. This means that as athletes reach each split point or finish line the online results automatically update.
  • Custom Results Page

    For each event we build a custom results page that includes a short description of your event, link to event website, social media sharing buttons, as well as a summary of the number of finishers, average time and support contact details. We’ll provide you the link to embed within your event website, but all results are housed on the Athlinks website.
  • Sortable Database

    All of our results are stored in a sortable database allowing participants to view a past history race including personal bests, finishing position (overall, division, gender), and pace.
  • Split Times

    Offer up as many split times as you want along your course to increase spectator interest and participants more feedback on their event.
  • Announcer Setup

    Help your race announcer sound like a pro as they call in your finishers with ease. Our announcer setup includes a laptop that instantly displays the information on each participant as the approach the finish line.
  • Runner Tracking

    Spectators can track participants either by name or bib # and then watch the race unfold on their computer or mobile device. This service is also used for athlete updates where the participant can sign-up and receive all timing data just seconds after crossing the finish line.
  • Results Kiosk

    Once the race begins our onsite registration area turns into the results area. We switch over the URL on each computer kiosk and as soon as athletes cross the finish line they can walk up to a computer kiosk, type in their bib number and all their data including finish time, rankings, etc. will populate.
  • Social Media

    Spectators and participants can choose to have their or their athletes time(s) posted to either their Facebook or Twitter page which is great publicity for your event.
  • Race Day App

    We also offer a custom race day app, providing your athletes the most information possible at their fingertips. Inquire for more information on this new tool that is changing the entire athlete experience.
  • Pre/Post Race E-mail

    Before each event we send out an email blast to all pre-registered participants with their name, bib number and helpful race day information (location, start times, events schedule). After each race, same day, we send another email blast to all finishers with their timing statistics and link to online results to search all others.
  • Reports

    Immediately after your event, we provide a number of reports (.csv, pdf, .xlsx) to the race director/organizer including timing data, registration transactions, demographics, etc.
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At Spectrum Timing Services, we seek out the newest and best in equipment, hardware and software, in an effort to provide you and the athlete with the most up-to-date race experience. We currently use Athlinks and ChronoTrack race technology solutions for timing and live race services.

TIMING TAGS We utilize the ‘B’ Tag (BIB TAG), a small paper-thin RFID strip that adheres to the back of the race bib. We’ve found this to be the perfect option for any size event looking for a simple, cost-effective solution for providing their participants the most accurate time.

From start to finish, our timing tags will enhance the quality of each and every individual’s race experience including: the race director, participants, fans, volunteers, and support staff. By eliminating the hassle of chip distribution and collection before and after events, race directors can utilize their volunteers for other facets of the race, rather than a complex chip distribution and post-race collection. Our timing tags provide an ecofriendly choice for all participants looking to improve their carbon footprint. The tags are recyclable or landfill safe and reduce secondary impact by scaling back the resources needed for distribution and collection.

EQUIPMENT We take great care in keeping our equipment serviced and in top-working order. On race day you can expect to see the equipment below at each timing location. To ensure the best possible setup and operation, we prefer to do a walkthrough of the event site with each client prior to race day.



The controller receives all RFID data captured by the readers. LAN, Wi-Fi, and GPRS connectivity to relay timing data back to timer.
Gator Mats


The gators protect the RFID readers and can be configure in any width from 1 meter to 16 meters. These industrial strength mats also make for a safe and clean look at any Start or Finish line.


The flashpoint is an RFID reader that doesn't require ground gators/mats. This is a great solution for cycling events and is commonly used as a backup line at the Start/Finish.
Timing Clock

Timing Clock

Every contract includes a double sided LED race clock with 6" digits. Additional clocks can be rented for split points on course.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage everything in one place, from online registration to timing and race results? Now you can! In using our partner registration system, Athlinks, we can ensure seamless data management and payment options to protect both you and your customer’s data and payment.  When using Athlinks your process is seamless in the collection of the data, the flow of the data into the scoring software and the payments for all entries.  Ask us about the details and we can provide a snapshot of what this relationship would provide to your organization and how it can benefit your finances.

For those not using our online registration services, we ask for backend access of the platform being utilized to be granted or databases to be sent over at least 2 weeks prior to event. This is so we may test our download/import routines for race weekend and ensure everything is entered promptly and accurately as we strive to make a seamless registration for the athletes.

Whether you want to simply use our race timing services, or take advantage of all we have to offer, we are here fulfill the needs of your event.


All onsite registrations are done through our registration kiosks using our software. We do this to ensure that registration on race morning is as quick and easy as possible for athletes and that their data is immediately established in our system for scoring. Our kiosks include credit card swipers for fast and efficient transactions. Registration checks are cut directly to the race organizer from Athlinks/ChronoTrack with detailed reports for all transactions.


Spectrum Timing will prepare all race bibs prior to your event. Once bibs are received from the race organizer, if not already assigned, we will assign bib numbers to the athletes, apply the RFID disposable timing tag to the back of each bib, and apply a label to the front of each bib with each participants’ name, race, gender, age, and shirt size. The front label allows volunteers to easily find a race participant’s number as they are organized alphabetically. Typically, we arrive on race day with all bibs broken out and alphabetized with rosters and signage for packet pickup. However, we do offer the opportunity for bibs to be picked up prior to race day if need be or overnight shipped for pre-race day pickup.

RACE DAY SET-UP The Spectrum Timing staff will be responsible for setting up all timing equipment prior to the race. Most often our staff is onsite an hour to an hour and a half before registration begins, depending on the logistics of the specific event. Our equipment includes all timing hardware and mats for each timing location, double-sided finish line clock and stand, and registration/results kiosks.

We request a space near the finish line to setup a 10x10 tent with sidewalls and where we will score the race. We have pictures of all of our finish line setups and are happy to provide these schematics upon request.


We understand the urgency to make results available for runners. With our system, athletes can cross the finish line and walk directly to our results kiosks where they enter their bib number and receive all timing and ranking data immediately. Within minutes of finishing, participants will be able to go online to the event website and see their results posted as well. We will prepare the results link a week in advance and send to the Race Director to update their website.

We provide printouts of age group awards promptly, so your announcer can be set and ready to go for the awards ceremony. With our results kiosks, overall results printouts are no longer needed, however we can still provide them when requested ahead of time.

Timing staff will be present at the event until the very end. As we mentioned earlier, we pride ourselves on customer service and we will stay onsite to answer any questions and troubleshoot any problems/queries that might arise regarding the results.

In addition, we also send out a personalized results email to all participants congratulating them on their finish and letting them know their official finish time and overall place, age group place, and gender finish.


Along with providing a post event database, we provide you with a one page breakdown of all of your participant statistics. 


If you would like a bid for timing your event, please complete and return the following form: