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Who We Are

Our ownership and leadership brings decades of experience to creating, planning and implementing World Class sporting events and large participant events throughout the Southland. We bring his experience and level of expertise to your event. Our leading industry technology provides not only straight forward timing, but also interactive tools for your runners. This may include a custom app for your run, race day registration, social media interaction and timely and accurate results. We provide superior customer services, superior planning, and 24/7 communication to you and your team. Ultimately, the more successful our clients are – the more successful we are.

Our Mission

We are an intensely dedicated and professional timing and database company whose aim is to consistently achieve the most professional and state of the art timing in the industry. Our commitment to our clients and their goals is our guiding principle, to make sure that your races and events are timed properly, within budget and using the most recent advances in technology. We believe through superior communication and a deep understanding of our client’s goals and objectives that we will help your event achieve the status, enjoyment and loyalty that you look for from your participants. Our success is ultimately dependent upon the success and satisfaction of your participants, we understand this and work hard to help you achieve that athlete satisfaction that will build your event and company.

Meet Our Staff

Mike Bone
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Greg Sack
Director of Timing
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KC Ollila
Event Director
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